Chest Centre

The Chest Centre was established in Dec 1990 by Dr S Z Jafrey. This was a pioneer effort in that era; as this was only such center who was exclusively dealing in Chest & Pulmonary diseases. This effort was a foresightedness of Dr Jafrey, then pulmonary medicine was exclusive domain of Physicians.

All possible diagnostic and preventive facilities were incorporated with OPD based therapeutic facility was labelled as “Indore Chest Center” or "ICC".

This concept became so succesfull that many chest physicians started opening there clinics by name of chest center. This did not stop here and in 2002 State Government owned MRTB Hospital expanded and kept same name “Indore Chest Center”. This was confusing to patients hence Dr Jafrey’s owned Center was initially called “Dr Jafrey’s Indore Chest Center” and later


The Center was again pioneer in receiving ISO 9001-2008 international quality certification. Now Chest Center is well known not only regionally but at National and International level for its work.

India remains one of the most afflicted nations in Asthma and Allergies. More than one quarter of population is suffering from some kind of Allergy. We offer a range of services such as counselling, treatment, identifying allergy triggers, authentic medical drugs and allergy specific immunotherapy to patients to keep asthma fully managed.

Our ultimate goal is to provide quality of life & reduce the incidence of morbidity & mortality through our unique way of management. We tailor made therapy for each and every individual patient. Asthma Awareness & education is integral part of management.

With a sophisticated and excellent infrastructure well supplemented by equipments and Good Clinical Practice Trained staff we are a perfect one-stop destination for all allergic and asthmatics of all age groups.

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Dr S Z Jafrey has founded Indore Chest & Allergy Centre in 1990.More
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Dr S Z Jafrey has founded Indore Chest & Allergy Centre in 1990. More
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